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Poster: atdheh Date: Aug 18, 2012 1:11pm
Forum: forums Subject: Deleted archive after domain backorder

Hi and first sorry if Im asking in wrong section.

I just backorderd the domain:

but now I cant see the old site on, when Im quering for this domain it says crawl error...

I was allowed to see the old page few days ago but now not,

Hoping that old files are not deleted :( because i dont have any backup of old site 2009-2010 :s,


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Poster: webhistory Date: Sep 13, 2012 1:52pm
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Deleted archive after domain backorder removing the archived copies of the million domains they provide parking pay x click services for ( google sponsored). Domainsponsor buys expired domains for parking domains since 10years, dont purchase domains , this in minimal part - read in whois - but have affiliates-domainers putting portfolio of domains in this platform- RECENTLY have removed the framed redirect system and NEED to put, in automatic the domain go in domainsponsor hosting platform with the DELETION OF DOMAIN FROM GOOGLE -new rule- Rank go at 0 ( but this is not permanent) - in any case the domain loose the 90% of pagerank . BANNED from google (g policy)AND...DELETED FROM , INCREDIBLE! only some minutes with this dns..and the domain disappear from FOREVER!! WOW!! in few seconds..magically robot.txt. If you purchase in company- i dont say if the dns of registration affect the domain.

in other post i read:

This appears deliberate[EDIT: Others have pointed out that there are sites listing these lines as "bad robots", separated from the explanation on the removal FAQ; it is possible they got them from a source like that and were unaware of what they actually do], as the /robots.txt on every DS-hosted parked domain contains the specified entries to remove all prior copies of that domain from the archive, as copied from the FAQ page (
User-agent: ia_archiver
Disallow: /